Why IP? Why Now?




Structured Dietary Intervention. Behavioral Change Protocol.

You know it works, join us for a Fresh Start




If your diet and lifestyle, like millions of others, has been impacted by Covid-19 and you find yourself struggling to regain control, there’s never been a better time to come back and Reset Possible! Join us for a Fresh Start with the new Ideal Protein protocol.

Why IP? Why Now?

Experience our all new Maintenance Phase! This month Ideal Protein is introducing a new Phase 3 designed to empower you with exciting new tools, education, and cutting-edge strategies for maintaining a healthier weight and lifestyle!

It all starts with your personal Macro Code – an individualized approach to daily eating. Your Macro Code is determined in Phase 2, Stabilization, and is a unique combination of protein, fat and net carbs formulated to meet your body’s daily needs while maintaining energy balance (weight) and appetite. Using your unique Macro Code as your guide, you will learn how to easilynavigate the “real world” food environment using our new food navigation system. And, through 17 strategic follow-up appointments with your coach, you will receive empowering information, tips and recommendations on important topics, like your home food environment, habits, self-care and more!



5-Easy Steps to Join us for a Fresh Start

1. Register to Attend the free Fresh Start webinar
2. Pre-Order Food/Supplements
3. Schedule Fresh Start food order
(options: curbside, by appointment)
4. Start Protocol on May 1st
5. Stay connected with your coach and follow us on FB for new recipes featuring the new IP Croutons to keep you happy, satisfied and compliant.

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