What is a Restart? Restart Diet Tips

restart diet
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Did you lose track of your Ideal Protein goals this summer?  Good news, it is not too late to get back to where you left off. Even if you’ve exceeded your trigger number, there is still a way to recover and bring it all back in sync. We’ve got a few restart diet tips to help you bounce back quickly and effectively, here’s how:

Go to a Restart Workshop

We focus on three energy reserves of the body: glycogen, protein, and fat.  When the glycogen or carbohydrates get low, the body turns to the protein and fat for energy.  The session will reintroduce concepts and components to get you back to burning fat and maintaining your ideal weight.

Follow Phase One

Reacquaint yourself with the protocol’s Phase One recommendations. Just as important, take the proposed supplements to bring balance to your body as you remove carbohydrates from your diet. Keep in mind, if your schedule is too hectic for a sit down meal, revert to the Ideal Protein meal replacement bars. Consequentially, water is pivotal  to your success as well, drink the minimum of 64 oz. everyday.

Journal What You Eat

Bottom line, if it goes in your mouth, write it down. Now with two options, a notebook or mobile device, it is easier than ever.  You can lose twice as much weight simply by writing it down.  Even if you feel skeptical about journaling, we suggest you give it a try.  The results could be just what you are looking for!

Meet With Your Coach

We take a ‘no shame no blame’ approach to coaching.  Let’s have a smart conversation about your health.  The session will include a body analysis and a plan to move forward.  No matter what phase you’re in, remember your coach is there to support you. Your success is our success!

Are you ready to restart your healthy habits again? Begin the journey back with our Restart appointments, designed to help clients pick up where they left off with Ideal Protein. You’ll get a one-on-one personalized appointment with a coach to give you restart diet tips and help you come up with a plan. As you reconnect with our people, products, and programs, you’ll feel more confident and in control. Welcome back; start your tune-up here.

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