Post Quarantine Challenge

weight loss challenge

Ready to lose those unwanted quarantine pounds gained during the pandemic?

Get ready and join us we are in this together, after all. Commit to losing and join our Post-Quarantine IP Challenge as we kick start the 2020 summer by losing those unwanted pounds.

The challenge lasts 8 weeks and starts June 15th thru August 15th. You must register to participate just let your coaches know before June 14th and we will add you to the list.

A special tracking sheet will be added to your file to keep track of your points.

It’s going to be a fun, interactive way to keep you on track and embrace the challenge of a healthier and leaner you!

We have amazing prizes lined up at the end of the challenge for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

By participating in the challenge, you will accumulate points for most things you already do on the protocol plus additional activities. The more points you collect the better chances you have to win!

Winners will be announced August 18th!

 The way it works is easy:

  1. Let your coach know that you want to participate in the Weight Loss Challenge.
  2. Join our Facebook group to connect with and support other dieters who are doing the challenge with you.
  3. During your weekly weigh-in, let your coach know what you’ve done that week. You’ll accumulate points for doing things you do on a regular basis, like walking, meal prepping, and more! You can check out the points breakdowns below.
  4. The people with the most points will win prizes! Check out our awesome prizes below.

Remember, it’s not about how much weight you ultimately lose, but about how committed you are to your goals and how encouraging you are to the people doing this challenge with you.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be announced soon!


Points System

The winners will be determined by a points system. Points can be earned in a variety of ways, including the following:

The winners will be determined by a points system. Points can be earned by:

5 points

• Sharing or commenting on Ideal Solution Weight Loss Facebook and Instagram accounts

• Sharing recipes

• Posting a picture or recipe on our Facebook page and /or Instagram account

• Become our follower in our Instagram account and like us on FB

10 points

• Attending your weekly weigh in.

• Keeping and showing your coaches the IP food journal. You must bring it with you to weekly appointment to count.

• Walking for 20 minutes

• Posting a picture or video recipe you made on our FB and/or Instagram page

• Posting a picture of you walking, taking an exercise class or meal prepping

• Encourage other clients on our Facebook page

20 Points

• Attending a weekly team zoom call

Write a review on our Facebook, Vagaro, Instagram, Google or Yelp.

40 Points

• Sharing your weight loss journey on your Facebook page and tag Ideal Solution Weight Loss

• Referring a friend new to the Ideal Protein protocol. (In addition you get a free box of food)

The challenge is ON! we encourage you to have fun, be creative in your journey and remember…RESET BODY, RESET MIND, RESET POSSIBLE together!

Let’s have fun working on ourselves!!

Did we miss anything? If you did something that’s worth a point, share with us! Odds are, we’ll give it to you, and there will be a new way for others to accomplish their weight loss challenge.

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