Holiday Health Tips

holiday health tips
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Happy Holidays! Coach Katelyn and I are so proud of you for making healthy choices this year and taking steps to reclaim your body from all the sugar and toxins that surround us. Keep staying strong, even through the holiday season.

In this video, I talk about 3 ways to make it through the holidays. If you need help, make a customized plan with your coach! Remember that we’re always here for you – whether you stick to the diet strictly or not.

There are three basic approaches for staying healthy during the holidays.

  1. Iron Will – Stay true to your health goals. You’ve worked really hard to keep your sugar and fat levels low, to transform your body, and revamp your lifestyle. When you keep an Iron Will, you’re ensuring that all your hard work continues to pay off.
  2. One Day Pass – It’s the holidays. You want to indulge a bit and have fun. If you know that you will be miserable if you aren’t able to participate in the food and drink at a party, then give in. Just be smart about it. Know that what you’re doing will set you back a little bit, but we’re ready to help you get back on the health wagon afterwards. Enjoy the holidays and be smart about it.
  3. Hog Wild – This approach means you are completely indulging in the holiday season. You’re deciding that your goals aren’t as important as living in the moment and enjoying yourself. That’s fine! While this isn’t the approach we recommend, you know yourself and what you can handle. We recommend weighing yourself weekly so that you can monitor and keep yourself in check while still enjoying the holiday parties. Still check in with your coach so that we can monitor you sugar levels. We’ll also be able to help you back onto the health wagon better when the time comes.

Make an appointment with your coach if you need some motivation or help coming up with a plan that will work for you.

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