We have three MORE exciting new products that will be on launching this month! So place your order NOW to reserve yours!



Available next Wednesday BUFFALO PUFFS  will be making their debut.

What’s not to like? Puffy savory with that wonderful Buffalo flavor while being unrestricted!





Available July 20th a sweet new treat called STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE MIX. Again, another wonderful fruity summer treat that’s a splurge but still unrestricted!


By the end of the month, we will have a brand new water enhancer flavor called

WHITE PEACH to add to our current water flavoring collection


Strawberry Banana Ready Mades will be  permanently discontinued.  Due to supply chain issues with ingredients and manufacture unreliability this product will not be available after the current supplies run out. If you LOVE this Ready-Made please reach out to us NOW and place a special order to stock up before the current inventory is gone.





ALSO…..We strongly encourage you to reach out to Ideal Protein Corporate directly and let them know your thoughts on discontinued products or new product ideas.  Their number is 866-314-4447.  They actually want to know your thoughts and are responsive to your input.



In the next few weeks, we will be launching our Brand New Website.  It will be a great information source for all of you with instructional videos and a Client Resource Center with all of the vital documents for all phases of the Ideal Protein Protocol.

Additionally,  we are pleased to present our new Online

Store to streamline the Ideal Protein food ordering process. Stay tunned for updates regarding our new website features.





Popcorn Pop Cakes are not dead! They have heard your cry and anguish and are working as quickly as they can with new ingredients to bring them back by the end of the year. So all hope is not lost!   Of course, the moment they become available we will text you! 

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