Eating Out On Ideal Protein

eating out on Ideal Protein
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Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you have to give up your social life. Stay engaged with friends and colleagues and yes, go out to dinner. Now, that doesn’t grant permission to stray, but it does present you with the challenge of ordering something that works with Ideal Protein. It is possible to go out and enjoy a meal with friends; here are our top tips for eating out on Ideal Protein:

View the menu in advance. If the outing is planned, make the most of the timing and check out the menu in advance. Call the restaurant if you have specific questions for how food is prepared.

Carry IP essentials with you. Don’t leave home with them! Your best weapons of satisfaction are sea salt and salad dressing. When its time to order, modify as needed. Maybe spicy is more your speed, bring along ground spices or tabasco.

Ask for it “your way.” When it’s time to order, modify as needed. Most restaurants are accommodating for reasonable requests; but avoid going overboard with special requests.

Salad greens, the go-to meal. If nothing appeals to your appetite under the entrees; order a house salad with no dressing. You may end up picking out things not in your phase protocol, that’s ok.   Use the IP essentials you brought along to liven up your naked salad.

Ditch dessert. Ok, you’ve made it this far through dinner staying in-line with the IP protocol, don’t even look at the dessert menu. This is where you really show your discipline, instead of ordering dessert, order another glass of water.

When eating out on Ideal Protein, stay committed to conversations around the table. Remember, tonight is about connecting with friends, not food. If you are asked about your diet, speak out proudly and share your experience. Who knows, you may inspire others at the table to explore Ideal Protein.

Do you have more tips for eating out on Ideal Protein? Let us know! If you need coaching on what to eat when dining out, contact us for more tips!

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