Coach Katelyn

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At an early age, I developed a love for dance.  I spent most of my time dancing at local studios, my school’s dance classes, and in musical productions.  During this time, I also developed a love for carbs- all of the pizza, pasta, and bread that I could manage.  My metabolism was fast, and my schedule was packed with activities.  Fast-forward to 2011, where my metabolism slowed, unhealthy college habits ensued, and my weight began to creep upward. At this point, I was no longer dancing, as I could no longer afford it on my college student budget. Year after year, my pants size went up, and my confidence went down.  I never knew how to exercise in a gym, because I never needed to.  The dance studio was my gym.

At this point, I was desperate to lose weight.  I did cardio for hours a day, tried college fitness classes, and could not figure out what I was doing wrong.  Between ages 20-24, I went from 103 pounds to 180 pounds.  By the time I graduated from college, I was unhappy, discouraged, and embarrassed.

As a professional health coach, I was a walking oxymoron.  Encouraging others to eat right and exercise for weight loss, which I wasn’t even doing myself.  I didn’t believe what I was saying, and I knew something needed to change.  I changed my perspective and moved to pursue the next leg of my career, and the next phase of my life.  As a one-on-one health coach in a personal training facility, I learned to write meal plans, work out properly and safely, all while helping others do the same.  This was my turning point.  I started seeing food as fuel and exercise as something that my body COULD do, not as a punishment for food.  I was down 20 pounds, proud of my accomplishment, and wanted to keep going.  However, food prep was expensive, took a lot of my time, and I wasn’t quite sure how I could enjoy holidays and events without gaining the weight back.  I began my search for a solution.

When I moved to Virginia in 2018, I was introduced to Ideal Protein.  I was immediately drawn to its simplicity,  impressed by the testimonials I was reading, and comforted by the fact that this was a lifestyle building AND living program.  I needed to commit not only myself to this lifestyle, but show others just how easy it could be!  Fast forward to meeting Martine, someone who shared my enthusiasm for health, and a vision for spreading the love.  I am proud to take the role of Clinic Manager and Lead Health Coach at Ideal Solution, because, put simply- it works.  Ideal Protein not only taught me that weight management is possible, but that it is sustainable, for life.

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