About Ideal Solution, a Certified Ideal Protein Clinic in McLean, VA

IMG_0700Ideal Solution is a certified Ideal Protein Clinic in McLean, VA and is one of the top leading clinics in the McLean area providing the Ideal Protein Protocol. Martine Crippen has a unique understanding about the challenges facing anyone today no matter their age in regards to how to get to a healthy weight and all the obstacles one can face in trying to make the necessary changes in order to get there.  As we all know, is not just about getting to a healthy weight, it’s really about how do we incorporate the foods that we love back into our life once we are in the maintenance phase.

Martine has worked with over 1000 dieters in the last 4 years and a percentage of her clients are doctors who have sought her assistance in losing weight and getting healthy.

All you need to do to get started is to attend a Free Information Workshop that is given most Wednesdays at 6:30. The workshops are held at our Ideal Protein Clinic in McLean, VA.

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