6 Ways to Avoid Food Cravings

6 ways to avoid unhealthy food cravings
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The holidays have passed and you’ve had your share of sweet treats and delectable holiday meals. It’s ok; we all have moments of weakness. Take a deep breath and start the New Year with what is important – You! Food is a wonderful thing to enjoy and fuel our bodies, but it can be harmful if we eat too much of the wrong stuff. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s especially important to stay away from sugars and fat and rely on protein and fresh vegetables as your diet staples. With this in mind, understand how to avoid unhealthy food cravings with a these six helpful tips:

1) Start now.

“Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow” is our best advice! We all know if you wait till next Monday or next month, chances are you’ll find an excuse to postpone your weight loss journey. Soft deadlines or goals makes it harder to accomplish your weight loss goals. Restore your healthy relationship with food today; don’t wait.

2) Reduce carbs.

Yes, it’s obvious. If you lower your intake of carbohydrates you can curb the cravings. Over the holiday, the indulgence of sugar throws your body off balance. With a simple restart plan, you can bring yourself back to a healthy state to reach and maintain your weight loss goals. Your Ideal Protein Coach can help you devise a plan to get back on track or establish a new goal.

3) Eat regularly.

When you eat at regular intervals, it can help keep blood sugar stable. If you wait too long between meals, it may set you up to make bad choices to curb hunger with sugary foods that sabotage your weight loss goals. Make a meal plan that satisfies when you typically feel hungry throughout the day. In addition, keep healthy snacks handy as a backup for unexpected cravings.

4) Drink water.

In most cases, hunger is confused for thirst. Try a glass of water when you crave sugar. It’s likely you are thirsty, not hungry. Of course, a regular regimen of water consumption is a huge contributor to your weight loss success. As a daily practice, drink more water and use it as filler between meals to feel full. Water is a critical element to weight loss and overall health.

5) Go walk.

If you can’t stop thinking about what you crave, get a change of scenery. Go for a walk around the office, or better yet, go outside and get some fresh air while you walk. Simply strolling can take your mind off food, help you de-stress, and improve your mood. Whether it’s a walk around the block or celery stick for snacks, find something to replace what you crave.

6) Pay attention.

Your body is trying to tell you something. Give yourself a break from all the stress and anxiety the holidays left behind. Sit down, relax, and focus on each and every bite you consume. People who take the time to sit and have a meal consume fewer calories and feel more full than people who do not take their meals on-the-go. To better understand the flow of your weight loss, use a food journal to record everything you eat and when, then discuss it with your Ideal Protein Coach.

Cravings can be a powerful force, one that even the most disciplined among us finds hard to resist. Join us in January to learn how to avoid food cravings, manage your BMI and A1C levels, and achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Your weight loss goal becomes our weight loss priority!

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